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poshcdmia said:
You're very pretty. I love your outfits. Mia

I answered:

Thanks Mia! Love your blog too. I’m really a fashion victim inside a crossdresser’s body.

jlgrgr said:
You are absolutely stunning Monica! Why dont you go out in public? You would have the gentlemen going crazy!!!! Kisses for you!

I answered:

Thanks, but I’m too shy!!

If you like this pic of me, please reblog it!

simple sun dress.  Summertime, and the living is easy….

O.K., so my nipples are showing here.  Big deal.  Everyone knows they’re there, so what’s so embarrassing about having them poke out a bit in a tight fitting top?  

and I have a flickr site 'mgurlygurl'

all for now,


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